CLASS 12th Computer Science with Python

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Topics Included: Tokens, Input/Output, If-Else-If, Looping Statements, Jump Statements, Strings, Lists, Tuples, Dictionary, Python Functions, Python Libraries, File handling, Input & Output Error Streams, Recursive Functions,  Algorithms in Python, Data Visualisation, Matplotlib Library, Linear Data Structure, Stacks, Queues.

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Topics Included: Introduction, Types of Network, Network Devices, Cloud, Internet of Things, Modulation Techniques, Wireless Networks Collision, Error Checking, Routing, TCP/IP, Network Addresses, Basic Network Tools, Network Protocols, Network Applications.

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Topics Included: Introduction to Relational Model, MYSQL, Accessing Database in MySQL, Creating Tables, Inserting Data, Select Command & Queries, Creating Tables with SQL Constraints, ORDER BY, AVG, COUNT, MIN, MAX, SUM, GROUP BY, Introduction to Web Applications, Django Installation using Virtual Environment, Creating Models, Views & Templates, URL Structure, MYSQL Connection to Python.

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Topics Included: Introduction, ‚ÄčEthical Issues, Open Source Philosophy and Software Licences‚Äč, Privacy, Online Fraud, Cyber Crime, Computer Forensics, Cyber Law & IT Act, Technology & Society, E-Waste Management, Identity Theft, Gender Issues.

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Chapter 1 Python Revision Tour: Click Here 

Chapter 2 Python Revision Tour II: Click Here

Chapter 3 Working with the Functions: Click Here

Chapter 4 Using Python Libraries: Click Here

Chapter 5 File Handling: Click Here

Chapter 6 Recursion: Click Here

Chapter 7 Idea of Algorithmic Efficiency: Click Here

Chapter 8 Data Visualization Using Pyplot: Click Here

Chapter 9 Data Structures- I: Linear Lists: Click Here

Chapter 10 Data Structures- II : Stacks and Queues: Click Here

Chapter 11 Computer Networks – I: Click Here

Chapter 12 Computer Networks – II: Click Here

Chapter 13 MySQL Revision Tour: Click Here

Chapter 14 More on SQL: Click Here

Chapter 15 Creating a Django based Basic Web Application : Click Here

Chapter 16 Interface Python with MySQL: Click Here

Chapter 17 Society, Law and Ethics: Click Here

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