Is CBSE Class 11 Computer Science is Hard Subject ?

Class 11 Computer Science Subject is a fairly informative, introductory subject in the field of Computer Science. It is highly logical, computationally alarming for your head and the best risk you can ever take in case you are planning for B.Tech or any IT related field in the future. 

So, what does it mean for you? Should you take it or leave? Well for that you need to define “hard” or “tough”. For your better judgement in this article, I lay out a few key facts about the Class 11 Computer Science subject, future opportunities and my experienced opinion. It’s your life, your decision, So you be the judge.

Class 11 Computer Science is a subject that requires practice ( bare minimum, you need to code during your practical classes)

It is a very logical subject, with fewer theories once you get the hang of programming.

You can take it as a 6th subject along with Physical Activity ( depends on your School though)

The newly introduced course is updated to suit for Industrial requirements.

A very active digital community is always there to help you with all your queries.

A huge amount of online content both free and paid is available to study.

For Engineering or any IT-related field enthusiasts, it’s worth it.

Anyone can learn to code, as long as you are willing to. 

It requires your 4-5 hours a week.

Once your interest is built, It is Amazing. You’ll love it.

Class 11 Computer Science is definitely easier than its counterparts like Maths, Physics and Chemistry. You would be surprised to know that around 1.5lkh students enrol this subject yearly, that too from only CBSE. The coursework is already taught to ICSE board students in lower grades.  The computer science course for both Class 11 and Class 12 has been updated recently, so technically you are studying the latest computer technology course from the point of the industry in your academia. 

The course itself is designed with a proper mix of theories, practicals, logic and society concerns about technology. If you excel at logic building and creativity. You can code. If you think you are not very good at maths, you don’t need to worry, you won’t be solving derivatives or trigonometry here. Everything you do here, will be visible and working vividly in front of you. Being able to memorize, no doubt is a very handy skill, but it won’t help you too much here. For this course is mostly about concepts and practice. 

Calling this subject a hard or tough subject would be a very naive opinion of an uninterested naive person who didn’t try. There are so many books and successful people around the globe saying, “Anyone can code.” All you need is some guts and an interested curious mind. For, when you code, there tend to be errors. And when there are errors there tend to be a lot of hassle, research, nail-biting and head-scratching. But once you rectify the problem and run your code successfully, It’s a feeling like no other.

The relationship with computer science is like – You’ll either love it or hate it, we live in a digital era now. Everything is online. We are surrounded by screens, cameras, microphones. Everyone is online. You are always connected. the digital world is in front of you, no matter what subject you choose your learning curve never stops. 

If you are unable to grasp the Class 11 Computer Science subject, don’t worry there are lots of courses and guides available online to help you with the same. We aim to provide the best solutions targeted for Class XI and Class XII computer Science students for all their computer science needs and problems. 

Also, if you ask Bachelors of Engineering Computer Science graduates the question regarding should you opt for Computer Science subject in your 11th class? I bet most of them you be of a perspective that you should definitely go for it. In case, you don’t find it worth it in Class XI, feel free to drop and take any other additional subject. This response won’t be just based on probability of scoring higher marks concerning time spent on the subject, but with the kind of exposure, skills and experience you get in the field of technology so early right from the school level.

So, What do you think? Is it still about a hard or easy subject or a question of Is computer Science for you?

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