How to score 100/100 in Class 12 CBSE Computer Science exam?

Here is how you need to prepare in Class 12th How to score 100 in Computer Science cbse 12 Exam – use python cheatsheets in memorizing codes, checklists to save time. Python coding hacks and computer hacks for Computer Networks. In my personal opinion, preparing to score 100 in Computer science is just like preparing for PubG. To kill most targets, you should maintain your concentration, know the map and practice. This article covers Unit wise tactics, preparation psychology and minimum requirements that you should complete in order to target 100/100 in the Computer Science Exam.

Planning and consistency is the key to this exam and this article will help you in doing that. The four Units that you require to study are Programming and Computational Thinking – 2, Computer Networks, Data Management and Society, Law and Ethics. You can find CBSE class 12th computer science complete syllabus here

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Few common points to keep in mind while planning to score 100 in computer science:

      Last 5 years CBSE Class 12th Python Computer Science question Paper – they tend to repeat some questions.

      Checklist for concepts, definitions and abbreviations.

      Cheatsheets to memorize codes

      Be as neat as possible, CBSE is all about grace marking.

      Underline important technical words and put a line after every question.

Programming and Computational Thinking – 2

This unit carries 30 marks in Computer Science Final Exam. Programming and Computational Thinking is all about concepts, your practice, your logic and obviously your writing quality. First two units are exactly what you already studied in Class 11th. So, the newer concepts introduced to you in class 12th will be the only challenging part.

Definitions, questions, programs,  True/False they are mostly logically base. There are various content bundles available on the Internet and in the market to study. You should find the one that best fits your study pattern.

I recommend you to use our cheatsheets while studying. They will help you firstly in understanding the syntax and topics. Those basic codes will make it easier for you while writing complex code, for this technique will also help you memorize them better. While preparing for your school and final Class 12th CBSE Computer Science Exam, checklists should be your best friends. They will be a direct reflection of the topics that you know and the ones you don’t.

      Checklist for concepts, definitions and abbreviations.

      Cheat sheets for output and programming questions.

      Pay attention during Practical Classes

      File handling questions are asked from codes generally.

      Sorting codes

Computer Networks

It is a tricky domain which carries 15 marks in CBSE Computer Science Exam. With lots of deep technical specifications introduced and a lot of theory to back them on, scoring here is either a game of balancing your memory and understanding of the concepts. Remember, Computer Networks is a very essential topic to understand for the long run as well. Keeping that in mind, being curious and trying to understand the topics under Computer Networks will make it really fun and learning experience for you.

I recommend you learn all abbreviations. Checklists are your best friends ever for this specific unit. and infographics for better grasping of Computer Networks.

      Highly Theory-based – Checklists are a must.

      Remember technical terms explicitly, to use them while answering questions.

      Roles of Network devices, Layouts on the basis of topologies, Internet and security are some key topics to nail.

Data Management 

This is actually a very easy topic which gives you 15 marks. The easiest part of this section is the SQL commands. If you find them difficult to memorize, We have a SQL checklist for you to download and paste it onto your bedroom wall. So, that every time you pass, they will be stuck in your head. Django is a part where you need to work hard. Working hard on Django will even help you a lot with your projects and in the long term, it can be the best thing since sliced bread.

      Questions are generally to write commands and another to predict the output.

      Use cheatsheets to memorize the codes.

      Memorize technical terms to sound complicated for theoretical questions.

Society, Law and Ethics

It is the easiest 10 marks you will ever score. Don’t forget that. You already know half of what you need to know more. Rest use your brain and just be cogent while answering your questions in your paper.

      Newly introduced topic, only theoretical, easy scoring portion.

      Checklists to remember topics.

      Memorize technical keywords to sound complicated in your answers.

You can find the checklist, cheatsheets for your final preparations of how to score 100 in Computer Science exam course Class XII – Here.

Computer science is a subject of practice. In order to score 100 in computer science, you should practice, solve at least 5 sample papers and review cheatsheets throughout the process. You can save your time by watching the video solutions of previous 5 years board exam question papers of computer science as well. 

Comprehensive exam weight is 70 marks. In order to score 100 in computer science, you need 30 out of 30 in your practicals. There are three portions to the practical. Your Lab test, Report file and your Group Project.

Since you are reading this blog, I expect you to already be under the impression that Class 12th Computer Science practicals are the real deal. So in order to score 100 in computer science, you need to be really consistent with your practicals for they are the core.

      Maintain your practical record file on time – Easy 7 Marks.

      Refer to Cheatsheets during your practicals, to memorize them and get habitual.

      Lab Test is generally easy with the Python Program just a cheaper updated version of some program you executed during your practicals.

      Projects are easy, consult with your teacher. Start doing it 6 months prior to exams. Otherwise, the Internet is your Friend.

      Viva- You should be a ted bid smart, and be aware of the concepts that you are using in your project and lab test.

And viola, I wish you the best of luck with the hope that you score 100 in computer science. Anyways, for all your queries and doubts, feel free to read our blogs or contact us on our Facebook or Instagram page as well.

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