Program 8: Write a recursive Python program to test if a string is a palindrome or not

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# A recursive Python program
# to check whether a given
# number is palindrome or not

# A recursive function that
# check a str[s..e] is
# palindrome or not.
def isPalRec(st, s, e):
   # If there is only one character
   if (s == e):
       return True

   # If first and last
   # characters do not match
   if (st[s] != st[e]):
       return False

   # If there are more than
   # two characters, check if
   # middle substring is also
   # palindrome or not.
   if (s < e + 1):
       return isPalRec(st, s + 1, e - 1)

   return True

def isPalindrome(st):
   n = len(st)

   # An empty string is
   # considered as palindrome
   if (n == 0):
       return True

   return isPalRec(st, 0, n - 1)

# Driver Code
st = input("Enter the value:")
if (isPalindrome(st)):

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